Be You with B.U.

If you want to learn kick start your music career, you’re in the right place. Learn how we can help you plan your 90-day launch and marketing success strategy.


We get you in the studio to prepare your Single, LP, EP, or full album for release. We'll make sure it's studio quality and can even help with your cover art.


We schedule photoshoots to create original content showcasing you and your style for social, broadcast, performances, and other media sources.


We'll help you with creative content for your audience to get to know you, as well as some kick-ass music videos, to showcase you as the rockstar you are.


We'll coordinate the single and album drop dates with social media posts and advertisements to get your audience excited about the release and look for you online.


Now that your album and music videos have been released, you have to continue to post about it to maintain audience interest and explore other income streams.

Kick start your music career



$149 $27 / month
  • Everything in the FREE Package
  • Distribution of singles and album to music streaming services.
  • ONE featured post on Twitter per month.
  • ONE featured post on Instagram per month.
  • ONE featured post on Facebook per month.
  • Bi-weekly email consultation