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Specialty Areas

Album Creation

We help artists get their Single, LP, EP, or Album recorded in high-quality and onto major streaming services around the globe. Start collecting royalties from your sharing your music and message with the world!


Creative content is important in business and to us; we're going to create photos and videos so that you're audience can get to know you. Also, you can't forget music videos! We'll also tell you the best times and content to post to social media!


We can get you established as a professional artist in as little as 90 days. We'll work with you to plan out and execute your media and marketing strategy, including a personal, customized social media posting calendar!


The best music, videos, and pictures in the world are useless if no one sees them. We'll help you share your message and music through creative content and advertising, with those likely to relate to and enjoy it.

About Us

B.U. Records was started in 2006 by artist Brandon Bryant in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. After years of trying to work with others in the industry, he came to realize that those that were affordable didn’t really know what they we’re doing, and those that did charged way too much or took too much equity for any normal to want. 

He decided to do the only sensible thing: combine affordability with quality through automation. To do this, he enlisted the help of media and marketing expert, Seemab Mirza. By focusing on automating services and long-term profits, we help artists through our specially designed training and services to kick start their music career through creative content and marketing.

As of 2019, B.U. Records has helped over a dozen artists share their music and message with the world and is now accepting applications to join the record label from the public!


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